CSR Soccer School

The environment where children aged 6 to 11 are FREE and rewarded for being exactly who they are!


Here's What You're Getting When You Join CSR Soccer School

Clear focus on the CSR Golden Attributes.

Our Golden Attributes are Confidence, Self Esteem & Resilience. 

A safe environment for children to think for themselves.

We never "over " coach children, we will teach the basics and allow each player to grow into the game whilst bringing their personality into play.

Players paint their own picture

We like to involve parents in the development of our young players. However parents are not allowed to shout instructions at their child on site. Instead we are committed to educating parents on how to support their child effectively in line with CSR best practice.

Every Saturday
Ages 6 -8  at 11am-12pm
Ages 9-11  at 12-1pm

Parents can watch from outside the gate. Don't worry, its very close up :)  


Free private parking on site.

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